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This is officially my favorite piece of art in the whole book.
Titled: Behold the Dragon Warrior


Matsuoka Rin Protection Squad……..

Anonymous said: What do you look for in someone to cosplay with? Do you get like super serious about it?

I don’t know really. I mean it’s usually friends. And then half the time it’s both us of cosplaying/wanting to cosplay from the same series so it works out. There are a few times when someone asked me to join their group (like for coming up ala) and it was a series I liked and then got really into. I dunno man, things just work themselves out to where I get to cosplay a character I really like from a series I like and I won’t be alone. 
I wouldn’t say I get that serious. Since it is a cosplay I was probably gonna do anyways I’ll most likely just cosplay it anyways. I understand things happen for whatever reason and not everyone can cosplay what they said before. We’ve all done it. 



Anonymous said: I've met you in person at cons before and you seem wonderful, like I love you but in a platonic way like I'd be your friend so hard

aw shucks that’s sweet ha I’m glad you came up to me for us to meet! I’d be a pretty awesome friend, no lie

have you ever been so wildly attracted to someone you can actually feel it driving you insane

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Anonymous said: i would be your slightly homo girlfriend in a heartbeat but i'm too shy to ever make a move on you let alone approach you at cons haha oh no ono

oh my I swear all you anons give me too much credit . I’m much more down to earth then you would imagine. So please feel free to always approach me


kids who stare piss me off like do u wanna fight




translations by LadyShotaCon(KOR->ENG):

murasakibara: his teeth arecool, will he bite me?
rin: he’s so tall
sousuke: he’s gay.  Gay.  G. A. Y.
himuro: ?

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*ren voice* aoba

Anonymous said: Can i ask where did you get your wig for your mink cosplay?

Best friends selfies