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** occasional nsfw **

Anonymous said: Ur eyebrows are darker then my soul

that’s what I aim for


My favorite genre is “starts out normal but then turns into really disturbing psychological horror”


Trying out hair chalk

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Rin looking very pg-13 in his sakura and shark tattoo sleeves and cola can.

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has this been done before or

faygo-fuckyourself said: you sound like a host

id be the best host. hot, cocky, borderline douche, but actually pretty sweet. I’d do it.

Anonymous said: Yes touching -wink wink-

Anonymous said: what cons are you attending this year :?

ah hmmm
most likely yaoi con
comikaze for at least one day for a really awesome group that is going on *u*

and i think thats all for the year until ala

Anonymous said: I'll pay ;)

I’m down then. No touching

Trying out hair chalk